Fàilte – Welcome

James Oliver is a transdisciplinary academic and educator, particularly across creative practice research and engagement. He has over 20-yrs of research, research training and teaching experience across a range of disciplines and sectors (art and design, social science and ethnography, arts development and wellbeing). This has nurtured a practice-as-research career beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries, particularly at the intersections of cultural relations and indigenous practices and enquiries.

Beyond the Higher Education sector, James has worked as an arts development officer at the former Scottish Arts Council, and as a researcher, speechwriter and press officer at the Scottish Parliament.

James is a Sgitheanach (he is from the Isle of Skye) in the Scottish Hebrides. His Gàidhlig (Gaelic) and islander cultural heritage have deeply informed his research and creative perspectives.

  • creative practice research
  • practice-as-research
  • methodology and pedagogy
  • social and sensory ethnography
  • place, space, mobilities
  • cultural memory and identities
  • land, language and belongings
  • decolonial creative practices
  • Gàidhealtachd/Gàidhlig –  Scottish Hebrides and Highlands

Selected details of his research is available at academia.edu.

image credits and documents of research: © james oliver|jamesoliverculture

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